We are engaged through 2024. Please email us for next available consulting slots.

Kepler Data Science

We see.k simple truths within astronomical data sets.

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Collectively our products handle 270+ billion data points every single day.
Between 2019 and 2023, our average annual application uptime was 99.99%.
Our algorithms crunch massive data sets in near realtime to generate meaningful patterns that help in executive decision making.

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We build VERY specific solutions that involve ...
Petabyte scale data analytics coupled with customized ML models.
High Availability (HA) multi cloud architectures designed for >=99.95% uptimes.
High Volume distributed realtime systems (~100,000 concurrent operations).
High Volume (~10,000 concurrent operations) distributed systems with ACID guarantees.
[NEW] AI solutions for time-series data. [NEW]
E2E encryption (subject to data handling laws of your legal jurisdiction).
We like to keep things discreet, extremely minimal, and easy to use.

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Our SLA driven engagements start at USD 100,000/- per month.
Reach us at keys@keplerdatascience.com to understand our outcome driven engagement process.

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If you are a Fullstack Engineer, we welcome you to email us your cv.me link.

We are a distributed team.
Dublin // Hyderabad // Singapore (HQ) // Boston